What I Do

My core services focus on bulding brands that thrive, not just survive:

  1. Clear strategy. Planning that gets you clear on where you’re going and how you’ll get there. A three-year brand blueprint, plus a practical (that means doable) 12-month plan for standing out in your market and getting noticed. What makes you different? Why do people care?
  2. Marketing & Message. Crafting a clear, concise and compelling story for your brand that gets integrated in all your various points of contact with customers. And building a plan to deliver the message consistently with the same look and feel. All the time, every time.
  3. Service Delivery. Engaging your team to do the little things that delight your customers and allow your story to spread. Service superiority is the one thing most brands can do to make a real difference in growing and thriving. So why do many brands fall short on service? Dumb.
  4. Building through people. Getting the right people in the right seats, firing on all cylinders to deliver what you promise. Remember: your brand is not what you say you are; it’s what your customers think you are. Branding is mostly about people, yet many companies miss this and blame the marketers for branding problems. Dumb again.
  5. Getting things done. Roll-up-the-sleeves tactics that help you implement and get the job done in strategy, planning, marketing, service delivery and people. Not abandoning you in execution. Actions speak louder than words.

I’m also passionate about:

Meeting facilitation
Enhancing how your team works together and makes good decisions – whatever the topic.

Keynotes, seminars and workshops
Engaging all of your team members in a common cause:

Business and executive coaching
A listening ear and a challenging viewpoint that focuses you on key priorities and helps you act on them effectively.