How I do it

(Consider this the fine print.)

No one likes surprises, so here’s a snapshot of how I like to work with my clients:

  1. Real branding matters. I like to work with clients who view branding through the same lens that I do. That means more than just advertising: strategy, marketing, message, service, people and a commitment to get things done. This sort of branding requires investing in a 24/7 process, not a “cost” for a one-time project. It’s not for everyone.
  2. Strategy first, then execution. I’m big on planning, but not just for planning’s sake. It gets us crystal clear on what we’re trying to achieve before we set out in doing it. And don’t worry – the best plans are often completed on a single piece of paper or in a two-hour meeting. We don’t need War and Peace or a three-day management retreat when they’re overkill.
  3. I’m a collaborator and a doer. I add more value when I not only help my clients think but also help them do. This works best when I’m an extension of your team, ready and able to pitch in with the work.
  4. Strategic partnerships offer you more. I partner with some great firms that help me broaden my services, yet also remain small, agile and keep my costs down. Additional services include graphic design, printing and production, website development, technology solutions, promotional marketing, recruitment and employee relations.
  5. I’m focused. I stay true to my core services: brand strategy, marketing, service delivery and people as the key components of integrating your brand. I’ve zeroed in on a suite of services to help you succeed in each.
  6. I’m a clarity freak. I’ll make it painstakingly clear what I’ll do, what the approach will be, the specific deliverables, and my fees. And I follow-up every business meeting with concise action notes so that everyone is clear on who is doing what by when.
  7. Feedback is critical. I’ll ask you for regular and honest input on what I’m doing, how I’m doing it and whether you’re satisfied with the value you’re getting from your investment. I want to know… need to know… in order to move from meeting your expectations to exceeding them.
  8. I love what I do. Life’s too short not to. So let’s have fun.