is me,
Craig Postons

I speak about brands, write about brands and collaborate with companies (large and small) in nourishing great brands. I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years with some terrific clients.

As a brand catalyst, I provoke you into stretching both your imagination and your bottom line with a simple, integrated approach to branding. I unite Strategy + Marketing + Service + People and combine it with a powerful focus on getting the right things done.

This approach yields real results, not branding fluff. It helps you delight your customers and build a brand that stays healthy for the long term.

Here’s the longer story.

PathWay Communications is me, Craig Postons. I keep my focus narrow and my accessibility high by staying small, without all the overhead costs and hassles. Before starting PathWay I cut my corporate teeth for more than 20 years at Canada Trust, London Life and several advertising agencies. My roles included copywriter, trainer, account manager, HR consultant, marketer and VP, Communications. A highlight was being part of London Life’s market leading Freedom 55™ brand during its hey day.

My true passion is branding that integrates more than just marketing.

Since 1998 I’ve helped companies build enduring brands by getting clear on their strategy, communicating effectively, delighting customers, improving their marketing and engaging their people in all that they do.

I’ve written three short books to spread my ideas: Brand Nourishment, The Inside Out Brand and The Rhino & The Mosquito.They’re short because, while executives and entrepreneurs like you are open to new ideas, I know you don’t have much time to read about them.

I’m also involved in speaking, workshops, seminars, meeting facilitation and business coaching.

Some nitty gritty:

I’m educated (really!) and you can even check with The University of Western Ontario for proof. I was recognized by Canada’s Marketing Magazine as “one of the top 10 marketers who made a difference” in 1998. And I get fired up about the Children’s Health Foundation of which I’m a board member. I’m also involved with two organizations that facilitate adoptions from Latin America.

I live near London, Ontario with my wife Caroline, daughters Julia and Ally, and a hyper-kinetic yellow Labrador retriever named Charlie. The wonders of technology enable me to work closely with my clients and strategic partners wherever they may be, yet also be at their doorstep on a moment’s notice for the important face-to-face connection.

I’m lucky. I love what I do and can’t imagine doing anything else.